Zoom whitening is a professional in-office treatment that can brighten your teeth by multiple shades in under an hour.

What is Teeth Whitening (Zoom Whitening)?

Zoom whitening is a professional in-office treatment that can brighten your teeth by multiple shades in under an hour. The procedure is safe and highly effective at whitening stained and discolored teeth. You may choose professional whitening because you’re looking to regain confidence over your smile or because there’s a special event coming up. We offer in-office Zoom whitening that can be completed in just one hour at your convenience.

Why is Teeth Whitening (Zoom Whitening) needed?

You may want or even require Zoom whitening because your teeth are stained, discolored or yellowed. Over time, our teeth may begin to naturally yellow and may not be as lustrous as we remember them being. Certain lifestyle habits, like smoking or drinking coffee, can accelerate the discoloration process of your teeth. Zoom whitening works to lighten natural teeth so that they’re brighter and whiter than ever before.

What makes you a good candidate for Teeth Whitening (Zoom Whitening)?

Zoom whitening uses patented technology to prevent gum and tooth sensitivity while delivering outstanding results. It’s not uncommon for our patients to experience teeth that have whitened multiple shades in just an hour. You may even notice that your teeth continue to lighten after leaving the office. It is important to remember that Zoom will not whiten or lighten restorations like fillings, veneers, bridge work or crowns.

What happens during the Teeth Whitening (Zoom Whitening) procedure?

First, we will work to separate the gums from the teeth using gauze and cotton rolls. This prevents the whitening gel from being applied to the sensitive gums. Next, we brush on a specialized whitening gel onto each tooth and accelerate this process using a bright light. The light helps the gel penetrate deep into the teeth, removing and eliminating stains and discoloration. After about 30 minutes, the old gel is removed and new gel is applied along with the brightening light. The whitening process is complete in about an hour and you’ll be given take-home instructions on how to maintain your new white smile.

If you’re interested in professional Zoom teeth whitening, we recommend calling our office at (330) 877-9935 so that we can schedule a consultation appointment.